Our Technology

The BIONDD™ technology provides a platform to deliver biologics by the oral route in a standard capsule, by specifically directing the biologic drug molecule inside the stomach wall for safe and effective release to the body.

With release of the biologic drug molecule inside the stomach wall the usual barriers for dosing by the oral route (degradation and poor absorption from the gut) are circumvented. This results in highly effective oral delivery of the drug equivalent to an injection.

Proprietary Technology

Highly effective oral delivery of biologics that overcomes barriers of degradation and absorption

Verified Manufacturing Technology

Team behind Worlds first injection molded pharmaceutical product approved by the FDA

Strong Strategic Partnerships

Backed by Big Pharma, Leading Experts in Bioresorbable Polymers, Drug Device & Pharmaceutical Development

The Technology

BIONDD™ is a proprietary technology that substitutes certain types of injection with oral ingestion.

Inside the small, easy-to-swallow capsule, the device can easily reach the stomach.

Here the capsule dissolves and releases a spring-loaded grabbing mechanism, that safely positions it to the stomach wall – without any discomfort to the patient.

From here the embedded substance is delivered into tissue, which is then taken up by blood vessels and distributed throughout the body.

Shortly after, the spring-mechanism loses its force, and the spike re-positions itself in a covered state, allowing the capsule to pass safely through the GI tract.

BIONDD™ is made of biocomposable natural materials that is easily dissolved compared to the hassle of handling disposable syringes.


  • Strong patent position with published applications and more in progress
  • Data confirms highly effective delivery of drug from the gut wall, often superior to a skin injection
  • BIONDD™ secures a safe and painless transient positioning of the spike inside the stomach wall


  • BIONDD™ is strikingly elegant, specifically developed with manufacturing simplicity and scalability in mind
  • Developed on the foundation of reverse engineering for low-cost high-volume commercial manufacturing by injection molding
  • The Biograil team is behind the World’s first FDA approved drug product manufactured by injection molding


  • BIONDD™ has potential to transform markets of injectable pharmaceutical products across a wide range of therapeutic drug classes by providing effective, safe and convenient oral treatment to a range of diseases.
  • Patients tend to avoid injections and overwhelmingly prefer oral capsules, which results in better treatment. Contrary to injections, oral capsules are pleasant to dose, easy to do correctly, and not stigmatizing.